Our Story


When you've worked the local restaurant industry, the tourism industry, and just about every aspect of the entertainment business here in Whistler... I guess you could call yourself a local...
And with a combined 85 years of local Whistler lovin', it is definitely safe to say that the team behind the Hangar is the very best in the league
We work hard, and we play harder. We love people, skiing, good food and good parties; and as a result, we've mastered the art of providing YOU with the very best local experience. 
We're not kidding when we say the SKY'S THE LIMIT here at the Hangar.
With a total space of 5,000 sq. ft, our world class lighting and sound system, fully equipped multi-sports arena and 60 in. Disco Ball, will blow you away. Proof? We've hosted some of Whistler’s most legendary events with local partners such as Heavy Hitting HorrorFest, Studio 604 and Case of the Mondays. Ask anybody, we're the talk of the town.