The Hangar

/ˈhæŋ.ər/  noun    a large building with an extensive floor area, typically for housing aircraft.

We don't operate any planes here... but the SKY'S THE LIMIT at the Hangar. 

       At 5,000 sq. ft, we are one of Whistler's largest and most versatile multi-recreational spaces. You name it,  we've got it and if you can dream it, our team will help you create it.

We GO BIG and you'll never want to go home.


The party of your dreams? Just think of us as your party fairy godmother. We’ve got 70s Disco party roller skates, champagne and hors d’oeuvres to the taste of James Bond (courtesy of our partners at Whistler Cooks), and aerial silks performers so good they could join Cirque du Soleil.  Love sports? We’ve got the equipment to fulfill your every floor hockey, volleyball, basketball, and soccer needs. Heck! We can make the whole sports tournament glow in the dark if you want. The bigger, the brighter, the better! Bring it on. 


The 70s called and asked for their disco party back…We don’t blame them. The Hangar on a weekend is like something out of Saturday Night Fever. Groovy. Whether it’s a Hangar Cup, sports tournament, private birthday party, or Whistler wide event, our world class lighting and sound system will have you dancing until we kick you out. We've got an 18 ft video screen that will make you feel like you're at an IMAX theatre, and our 60 in. Disco Ball is so bright, it is unlike anything you have ever seen. It’s so good in fact, that the 70s approve. They even sent us their best, most boogie worthy playlist.


The indoor gym? No thank you.. We hear that time actually reverses when you try and run on a treadmill. Come on Whistler, you know the drill. Gyms are for city kids... and we've got a whole mountain to play on. And as for everything else? The Hangar has you covered. Our fitness programs will have you so excited and entertained, you won’t even realize you’re sweating until the very end. But if you do... we love a good break between sessions. And we hear our neighbours at Whistler Brewing will give you one hell of a six pack.

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